Articles by: Rick Sacks

  • City of Dreams

    City of Dreams

    I use electronic drums and Malletkat to trigger 16 short videos of Hercules.

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  • Hercules


    I use electronic drums and Malletkat to trigger 16 short videos of Hercules.

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  • Spiders Rendezvous 2021

    Spiders Rendezvous 2021

    Looping and Improvisation This version of Spiders Rendezvous was recorded February 2, 2021. It’s is a piece for looped percussion, vibraphone and a couple ocarinas.It was streamed live on, facebook, youtube and more. Using the P.O.L.A.R. app in Motu’s Digital Performer I can loop different meters to a create […]

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  • The 135th Floor

    The 135th Floor

    A test of a new Soundpilot piece turns out I like it!. 135th Floor is named so because I liked the changing background of geodesic design. It was created in Artmatic Designer and edited in Final Cur Pro. the loops are built in Digital Performer’s POLAR environment. Soundpilot broadcasts to […]

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  • Run


    First performance of RUN, the second part of the Chase Trilogy. Once the third part is done (Interrogation-Wakeup-Escape)the parts can be done in any order. But Run ends on a cliffhanger! .

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    I wrote this a number of years ago in response to a censorboard action. .

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  • Dance Gallery July 1st/4th Edition

    Dance Gallery July 1st/4th Edition

    Dancers celebrate Canada Day and US Independence Day. .

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  • decoherence recoherence

    decoherence recoherence

    Named after reading Lee Molin’s book, “Einstein’s Unfinished Revolution, The Search for What Lies Beyond the Quantum”, I wanted to bring back a piece I worked on in the late 80s about a human’s kairotic experience where conditions lead to the polarization of space or place as sacred or profane. […]

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  • Dance Gallery #1

    Dance Gallery #1

    Road Trip

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  • More Cowbell Part II

    More Cowbell Part II

    Part II. This is an extract from the April 2nd broadcast on using shredded Bamboo onsuspended cowbells, metals, tamborine and vibraphone to create an ethereal atmosphere..

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